Manuel Steffan is a Designer based in Munich, Germany. During his studies at the University of Applied Sciences he gained additional experience working at the innovation studio 'Poetic Design' as well as in designing for the startup 'XPLingo'. After finishing his studies he worked amongst other tasks on key strategic projects of big scale being part of the Steelcase Global Design Team.

Through an intrinsic approach of doubting the formal and intellectual manifestation of an archetype and striving for the right degree between under- and overiteration Manuel aims at identifying the key leverages a designer can influence in order to connect contemporary appearance, aesthetic design, and social responsibility. His work intenionally deals less with trends but rather offers a fresh access to the subject.

Manuel believes that design as every other discipline needs to consciously and admittedly influence the public in order to reflect on and educate the society about the very same consumerism it exists in. Led by the credo of Dieter Rams 'less, but better' he is convinced that a healthy and sustainable relationship to our planet can only be achieved by relinquishment.
He is interested in any creative and cultural exchange.

Photography by:

Markus Marschall