A range of highly memorable cover designs from vinyl album hard cover to digital singles.

Early album cover ideas:

Single covers:

Lieder für die Autobahn (Songs for the highway) is the third music album by German Post-Pop band Exclusive. The designed range includes the digital album and four single covers as well as a vinyl album, labels and stickers.
In order to stick in the minds of the listeners, even in times of massive music consumption, the range is condensed into two main graphical shapes.
The album cover itself references the legendary 'Autobahn' cover by Kraftwerk, while reducing this archetypical graphic even further to a single shape, that can only be read as a three-dimensional form due to its negative space and seems to disappear in the unkown distance.
All of the four single covers, 'Oslo', 'Wo ist der Punk?', 'Fiebertraum', and 'Ozeanblau' consist of the very same graphic mimicking a two-dimensional top view of a German Autobahn. To align but still differentiate these four key songs of the album, the diversity is in the color context, that refers to the stance of each track individually as well as with respect to the album as a whole.

In collaboration with:

Stefan Troendle

Elly Wagner