A collapsible space divider enabling the user to choose between privacy and communication.


In a modern open space office people constantly have to be willing to communicate. There is little space for privacy. 'Connecting Space, Connecting People' aims at activley displaying your willingness to share and exchange knowledge or your necessity to rather stay focussed and undisturbed by human interactions.
Being highly mobile when collapsed it so engages people to discuss, think together and work more agile as it offers a seat to anybody. Unfolded and hung from its rack it divides the workspace and creates privacy for the user.

Through its hanging collapsible threedimensional geometry it contextually and visually detaches from the typology of a common office space divider. Expanded Polypropylen both meets the requirements for a superlight, mobile and bifunctional piece of furniture as well as it offers a high quality tactility, durability and even small amounts of sound absorption. It is furthermore very economic as an industrial material in terms of manufacturing. There is also a fabric covered version for dedicated customization.

Photography by:

Stefan Troendle