These three sprint projects were all conceptualized, designed and prototyped within a one week time frame. Each step of the design process was stopped at a certain moment to ensure a tangible result at the end of the week and so consciously only shows a vaguely defined result that doesn't claim completeness.

An exhibition concept that sets seven bachelor theses in context to a residential situation for visitors to interact with the exhibits both individually and as a whole arrangement.

Inspired by Konstantin Grcic's Life Space, Panorama installation this bachelor exhibition both plays with the perception and interaction of visitors with a pedestal and its exhibits as well as it articulates a residential context to the displayed design objects. The pedestal's structure that is chosen to be in a resolution that still leaves room for the visitor's imagination subconsciously leads from one piece to the next, slowly discovering the setup of the whole scene.

In collaboration with:

Robin Baudisch

Christoph Dörr

Christopher Schwarz
Timo Weil

Designed from off-the-shelf material this DIY stool offers quick, easy storage and supports posture change.

You can find Stolage in a residential context with a demand for an economic use of space. This stool offers storage inside and eases the access to stored items, overcoming principles of conventional sit-and-store solutions that require the user to stand up or sloppily store on an open layer below the seating surface.
The straps on the side allow to be repositioned and refastenend, while offering extra space for daily items like magazines, letters, tickets or even a shoehorn.
The materials used for Stolage are off-the-shelf pine bars as well as a drain tube Ø 400mm, lifting the user to a naturally pleasant height and both be easy to customize with stain and paint for DIY production.

A quick and fun introduction to an exemplary design process targeting 'design-non-educated' people guided by illustrated characters.

Le Mentzel's 'Hartz IV Möbel', Christoph Niemann's 'Sunday Sketching' and three sketchbooks are the ingredients of this very fun and easy to digest introduction into an exemplary design process. Each of the five components corresponds to one step of:
Empathize - Define - Ideate - Prototype - Test
The framework of this sprint was set to only analog media and worktools, it is therefore drawn and written by hand in a one-shot session. Amongst other deliberately designed characters, Manuel Steffan is illustrated as the guide to walk the reader through the crash course.
The still relevant 'Nomadic Furniture' by Papanek and Hennessey served as an admirable blueprint.